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Conveyor & Elevator Belting
Slit and fabricated to your specific requirements, especially for sand and gravel industries, food and pharmaceutical plants and for material handling and conveyor systems for every application

Servicing all industry for every application, such as air, water, steam, oil, chemicals, sandblasting, and material handling, etc. Manufactured from rubber, metal, or synthetic elastomers to meet environmental requirements.

Expansion Joints
Manufactured of rubber, synthetic elastomers ormetal to service industrial engineering requirements.

Molded, braided, and sheet packing available in all elastomers to service all requirements. We strip, cut, and fabricate to fit engineering specifications.

Die cut, lather or hand cut to any size and shape to meet your requirements.

Molded & Extruded
Thousands of stock dies to aid you in selecting a stock products; any configuration may be manufactured to your specification - from a prototype, a single cavity mold, to large quantities from injection molding equipment, fabricated in any elastomer.